Guest Book Review: Perfect Strangers by Tasmina Perry

I am very excited to present our first guest book review today from the very lovely Rachel! Rachel was planning to take this book on holiday with her but actually finished it before the packing so that's a good sign, here's what she thought:
Breathlessly exciting, gloriously glamorous, Perfect Strangers is Sunday Times bestseller Tasmina Perry's most thrilling novel to date. Just an innocent invitation... When Sophie Ellis is asked to house-sit at a luxurious Knightsbridge townhouse, it appears to be the offer of a lifetime. Drawn into the glittering circle of the home's owner, she meets wealthy American businessman Nick Cooper and is swept up into a thrilling and passionate affair. But when Nick is found dead in his hotel suite, Sophie is suddenly the prime suspect for his murder, and soon realises Nick was not the man he seemed. Racing to find the truth and clear her name, Sophie must elude not only the authorities but also a group of dangerous players who believe Sophie has something that they want. And who won't stop until she's caught... Escape with Tasmina Perry from London to New York to the exotic Cote D'Azur, and into a world where a simple case of mistaken identity unravels a web of lies and international conspiracy.
This was the first book I have read by Tasmina Perry and as soon as I finished the book I was on her website looking to see what I could read next. I'm excited to say that I have found a new author to devour. I'm off on holiday tomorrow and originally the book was meant to be for my travels. However it arrived, I couldn't resist a peak and now I have a finished book and no packing completed! To say I could not put it down would be an understatement.
The main character Sophie is portrayed as a typical Chelsea girl at the beginning of the book, bought up with lots of money and opportunity which equals the perfect life, or so she thought. As the story begins Sophie's life has changed dramatically from what she has always known. At her lowest she is given a lifeline but one that later transpires to have definitely put her in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are plenty of twists and turns and I'm pleased to say that I was near the end of the book and I was still unsure where it was going to go. Each character is so brilliantly described that you can really picture them clearly, the writer goes into sufficient enough detail with even the smaller characters that she keeps you guessing if they are involved or not. A fast paced book, but not fast enough that you get lost especially with references to foreign places and people. I have found in previous books that having a lot of traveling and new destinations can sometimes confuse and alienate the reader. In this writers case in all of the destinations visited I really felt that I could picture the scene.
The book has the perhaps not so original girl turning into a woman storyline, but what Tasmina has managed to do so well is incorporate it into a fast paced, meaty, fun read. I thoroughly recommend this book and can't wait to read more. 

Rachel's Rating: 5/5
Pages: 417
Publisher: Headline Review

Many thanks to Headline for providing a copy of this book to review, Perfect Strangers is out now. 


Marianna said...

i'll definately try it!!!!! great review!!! :P

Jo said...

I have been sent this too! And not read any Tasmina Perry before either. Can't wait to read it now.

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