Book Review: How We Met by Katy Regan

What, at the end of it all is really important? Liv and her friends can't imagine a life different from now: freedom, lifelong friendships and dreams that are still within their reach.
Then Liv dies.
For those left behind- Mia, Fraser, Anna, Norm and Melody- everything stops. Their lives and dreams are frozen in time.
In the years that follow, they decide to meet on Liv's birthday to raise a toast and celebrate her life even though none of them are living their own- not really. Time marches inexorably on, and yet without Liv, the lynchpin of the group, they are all flailing, Mia and Fraser are falling apart because of the secret they share and, as truths are unearthed and their friendships are tested to the limit, they have to ask themselves - is it time to get on with the business of actually living?
This is the first book by Katy Regan that I have read and I thought it was lovely. I really took my time with this book, not because I wasn't enjoying it but because it was such an enjoyable read to keep dipping in and out of.
How We Met is about a group of friends, Mia, Fraser, Anna, Norm, Melody and Liv but Liv is no longer with them, she died a year ago and they are all suffering in their own ways with the loss of their friend. Liv was Fraser's girlfriend and Mia's best friend, they both miss her terribly but they are also connected by a secret they share which neither of them can forget or move on from.
Although Liv was the lynchpin of the group; the others still see each other and they all get together once a year to celebrate Liv's birthday. These meetings are hard, they want to honour and remember their friend but they also end up feeling guilty about living, about moving on with their lives and experiencing the things which Liv no longer can.
Fraser and Mia were my favourite characters. They are both genuinely good people and because of things being left unsaid or misunderstandings; their relationship is suffering which is something that Liv would have been very upset to see.
Ultimately, How We Met is about love, loss and friendship. When you lose someone so young how do you carry on, you have to but their presence and memory is still going to be part of the group.
I loved Katy Regan's writing style, she has a good balance of poignancy and humour. The characters are really well developed, I could imagine meeting them at the pub for a drink or two. I highly recommend this book, it will make you laugh but also have a good old think too.

Dot Scribbles Rating: 5/5

Many thanks to Harper Collins for sending me a copy of the book to review, How We Met is out now.


Jess Hearts Books! said...

I'm glad you loved this one Dot! This'll be my first by Katy Regan too but it sounds like an interesting read so I'm looking forward to picking it up. Lovely review :)

Dot said...

Thanks Jess, I really hope you enjoy it!

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