Book Review: Second Time Around by Erin Kaye

With a successful business and two loving children, divorcee Jennifer Irwin is quite content. But when her forty-fifty birthday approaches, Jennifer starts to feel lonely in her empty nest.
Then she meets the handsome and self-assured Ben Crawford and while sixteen years her junior, he sweeps Jennifer off her feet. Knowing the residents if their small town wouldn't approve, they conduct their affair in secret.
But a secret is never a secret for long in Ballyfergus...
Second Time Around is a really lovely read. This is Erin Kaye's eighth novel but the first that I have read.
Jennifer Irwin is a likeable character, she is divorced and mum to Matt and Lucy who are both grown up and have flown the nest. Just as Jennifer begins to notice the empty house, she meets the gorgeous Ben Crawford, the attraction is instant but he is sixteen years younger than her. She fights against her feelings as she knows that people will talk but Ben is not prepared to take no for an answer. Their affair becomes a secret but when you live in a small town, secrets become very hard to keep.
Erin Kaye has a very warm and inviting writing style. The relationship between Jennifer and Ben is believable and I really wanted it to work out for them. It seems as though Jennifer deserves some happiness and Ben could be the one to offer it to her.
Second Time Around is an absorbing and lovely read, I shall be looking at Erin Kaye's other books as I enjoyed this one so much.

Dot Scribbles Rating: 4/5

Many thanks to Avon for sending me a copy of the book to review, Second Time Around is out now!

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