Book Review: Build A Man by Talli Roland

How far would you go to create the perfect partner?
Slave to the rich, rude and deluded, cosmetic surgery receptionist Serenity Holland longs for the day she's a high-flying tabloid reporter. Unfortunately, every pitch she sends out disappears like her clients' liposuctioned fat, never to be seen again. Then she meets Jeremy Ritchie- the hang-dog man determined to be Britain's Most Eligible Bachelor by making himself over from head to toe and everything in-between, giving Serenity a story no editor could resist.
With London's biggest tabloid on board and her very own column tracking Jeremy's progress from dud to dude, Serenity is determined to be a success, even going undercover to gain intimate access to Jeremy's life. But when Jeremy's surgery goes drastically wrong and Serenity is ordered to cover all the car-crash goriness, she must decide how far she really will go for her dream job.
Talli Roland has done it again! This is the third book that I have read by this author and I think she just gets better and better. Build A Man is very different from The Hating Game and Watching Willow Watts but you always know that you will get an entertaining story with this author.
Serenity is so determined to succeed as a journalist; she cannot believe her luck when Jeremy comes along; he is the perfect subject to write about. Yet as the story develops and Serenity gets to know Jeremy, she begins to question just how far she will go for success but the problem is, she may have already gone too far.
I really enjoyed the cosmetic surgery setting in this book, the clients that Serenity encountered brought a lot of humour to the story. I think that Talli Roland is extremely witty as a writer but I also enjoyed the fact that Build A Man felt a little bit deeper than Talli's previous books. I was really interested in the relationship that develops between Serenity and Jeremy and the way in which it makes her question what she is doing. .
If you have read any of Talli's other books then you already know that you're in for a treat. If not then I recommend that you give Build A Man a go, I don't think you will be disappointed!

Dot Scribbles Rating 4.5/5

Many thanks to Talli for sending me a copy of Build A Man, it is available for download on Amazon now!


Jess Hearts Books! said...

This sounds like such a fun read! I have yet to read any of Talli's books but may have to start with this one!

Dot said...

Jess- Ah you should give them a go, I think she's a really entertaining author!

Jean Bull said...

Congratulations, Dot, I have awarded you the Liebster Award for your very interesting book review blog! You can pick it up at jeanbullswritingblog.blogspot.com.
Best Wishes,

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