Book Review: Long Gone by Alafair Burke

After months of unemployment, Alice Humphrey lands her dream job managing a Manhattan art gallery in the trendy Meatpacking district. According to recruiter Drew Campbell, the gallery is a passion of its anonymous owner, who remains uninvolved in it's daily operations. 
When Alice arrives one morning, she walks into a nightmare: the gallery is empty, except for the dead body of Drew. Before she knows it, Alice finds herself at the centre of the police investigation.
With every thread of the investigation leading back to Alice, she knows she has been set up. But who is out to get her? 
I'm a little undecided about this book as it took me so long to get into. I really struggled at the beginning as it seemed like there were three totally separate story lines and a lot of different characters, I found myself confused as to how they were related and which character went with which story.
However, I loved the central idea that Alice has been set up as Drew's murderer. I liked Alice and really felt for her as the whole situation was like a bad nightmare that you just want to wake up from.
This is Alafair Burke's seventh book and her first stand alone novel. I would be interested to try one of her other books as I did like the plot and the characters she created.
Don't let my review put you off, some readers like multiple plot lines. I just found the beginning of the book frustrating as I couldn't see how everything was linked. But Alafair Burke is certainly very good at keeping you guessing.

Many thanks to Avon for sending me the book to review, it is available to buy now.

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