Book Review: Body Double by Tess Gerritsen

Dr Maura Isles started at the corpse in the car, at the face illuminated by Rizzoli's flashlight beam. It's me. That woman is me. 
Maura Isles deals with death. As a pathologist in downtown Boston, she has seen more than her share of corpses. But never before has the body on the medical examiner's table been her own.
There can be no denying the evidence though. The dead woman is the mirror image right down to the most intimate physical details. Even more chilling is the discovery that they share the same birth date and blood type.
Then a DNA test confirms that Maura's mysterious double is indeed her twin sister, and suddenly an already bizarre murder investigation becomes a disturbing  excursion into a past full of dark and deadly secrets...
Tess Gerritsen just gets better and better! Body Double is so hard to put down,  I was completely carried away with the plot and the characters.
Dr Maura Isles returns from a trip to Paris to discover the police outside her house. Everyone is looking at her like a ghost and she soon understands why when they reveal why they are there. Slumped over the steering wheel, a gun shot victim is parked in Maura's driveway and looks exactly like her. A heavily pregnant Jane Rizzoli is leading the case and whilst she is relieved that her friend is alive and well, she is is no way prepared for where this case will take the two of them.
After a DNA test confirms that the victim is actually Dr Isle's sister, a whole can of worms is opened. In her quest to find the truth, Maura discovers that she may have quite a macabre heritage and that she may not be the only member of her family interested in the dead.
As usual, Tess Gerritsen has delivered a story with a terrific pace, each chapter makes you want to read on. I really liked how this book focused on Dr Maura Isles and I thought that it was a very clever way to explore the idea of nature vs nurture. Are we really just a product of our shared DNA or can we shape our own lives?
I'm already looking forward to reading the next book in the series and I will be very sad when I get to the last one.


Jules said...

I really like this series, although I have been reading them all out of order.

I think my favourite so far was Keeping the Dead or the killing place.

I'm quite looking forward to reading the next one, which I think is released later this month?

Jules x

Nikki-ann said...

I keep meaning to pick up some more Tess Gerritsen books. :)

Dot said...

Nikki-ann- You should, they are ever so good, very hard to put down!

Dot said...

Jules- I haven't read those two yet, Tess Gerritsen is brilliant though isn't she!

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