Until It's Over by Nicci French

London cycle courier Astrid Bell is bad luck- for other people. First, Astrid's neighbour Peggy Farrell accidentally knocks her off her bike- and not long after is found bludgeoned to death in an alley. Then, a few days later, Astrid is asked to pick up a package- only to find the client slashed to pieces in the hallway. 
For the police, it's more than a mere coincidence. For Astrid and her six housemates, it's the beginning of a nightmare: suspicious glances, bitter accusations, fallings out and a growing fear that the worst is yet to come. 
I have read a few Nicci French books in the past and enjoyed them but I found Until It's Over really disappointing. I liked the idea of the book  which is obviously why I picked it up. You are left wondering for a long time whether Astrid is just unlucky or whether she had a part to play in the murders. The book is in two parts, the first follows Astrid as the events unfold and the second is the retelling of the same story from the murderer's perspective.
I felt as though the characters and the dialogue really let this book down as neither were believable. Even when Astrid and her housemates were talking to the police, I failed to find it realistic in any way.
I wouldn't let this review put you off Nicci French's other books, I have read Catch Me When I Fall, The Red Room and Secret Smile, all of which were excellent but Until It's Over just didn't do it for me.


jules said...

I have been swaying over whether to read this one or not. In the past I have liked some of their books but not them all. Good review and I might pass on this one or pick it up someday in the library.


Mystica said...

I like the story and I certainly like the cover as well! I'd like to try one of her books at sometime.

Dot said...

Jules- It was a shame as I have really enjoyed other Nicci French books.

Mystica- They are good, don't let this review put you off.

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