Book Review: To Touch the Stars by Jessica Ruston and COMPETITION!!!!

Renowned for style, glamour and sophistication, Cavalley's creates the most luxurious millinery in the world. For fashionistas and film stars, a hat designed by Violet Cavalley is the ultimate indulgence.
Talented and beautiful, Violet Cavalley has poured her heart and soul into building her multi-million pound business, and raising her three children. It seems that everything she touches turns to gold.
But Violet is not the woman she appears to be. And her adored children conceal secrets of their own. Behind the Cavalley family's gilded facade lies a streak of darkness. Darkness that  now threatens to destroy them all.
I hope that you enjoyed the exclusive extract from the book yesterday. To Touch the Stars is going to be difficult to review as it is jam-packed with secrets. I loved it, there were so many twists and turns provided by the author that I was totally gripped from beginning to end.
It's kind of a modern saga, Violet Cavalley is the matriarch of her family and also a leading figure in the fashion industry. She has a large family and it appears that just as they have secrets from her, she too has secrets from them. Violet is also convinced of the Cavalley Curse which she believes hangs over her family and it is something she believes to be entirely her fault.
To Touch the Stars is a very entertaining read, it is very much a rags to riches story with many dramatic events along the way. I loved the descriptions of the fashion world and how the Cavalley Empire was built, these little details made the story even more believable.
Jessica Ruston has written a very dramatic story and then set it in incredibly glamorous and high-powered surroundings. When you strip all of the glitz away you realise that the Cavalleys are simply a family, but a family with one or two more skeletons in the cupboard than normal. This book keeps up a brilliant pace throughout so be warned that it is extremely difficult to put down.

To Touch the Stars by Jessica Ruston is published today and to celebrate, the lovely people at Headline Review are giving away five signed copies of the book plus one lucky winner will also get a bottle of champagne to enjoy while they are reading! To enter you simply have to answer the question below:

What was the title of Jessica Ruston's first novel?

Please email your answers directly to rosie.gailer@headline.co.uk or you can tweet your answer to @publicitybooks Any answers left in the comment section below this post are not valid, but do please leave me a comment with any thoughts on the book. Good luck!


fiction-books said...

Hi Dot,

This is definitely on my wish list, as of now.

Your review was enough, but on checking out the full synopsis, I know this is a must read.

The fact that it is set partly in Dorset, which is literally right on my doorstep and involves Gypsies, who are also prevalent in these here parts, are just too much to ignore.

I am off to copy your link and enter the competition now.

Thanks for sharing this book.


Dizzy C said...

I am excited bout this one after seeing your review and extract yesterday.

many thanks

Dot said...

Yvonne- I really hope that you enjoy it and good luck with the competition!

Carol- It's a very good book!

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