Book Review: The Other Girl by Sarah Miller

Molly McGarry seems to have it all- she's smart, she attends the prestigious Midvale Academy and she's finally got the guy of her dreams, Gideon Rayburn. But now everything's changing.
Molly and Gid got together in a very unusual way, when Molly mysteriously entered Gid's mind and so could 'guess' exactly what he wanted. By a bizarre twist of fate, Molly suddenly leaves Gid's mind and enters the mind of Pilar Benitez-Jones, possibly the hottest girl in the world. Pilar flirts with Gid. A lot. No longer inside her boyfriend's head, Molly feels life is spiralling out of control. But she realises that being inside of Pilar's head has its advantages as she influences Pilar for her own schemes- with ensuing chaos.

This is the second Midvale Acadamey book, I haven't read the first and I don't feel that you need to in order to understand this one. Reading this book felt like watching an extended episode of Gossip Girl so it is definitely going to appeal to many young adult readers.
The twist of Molly being inside the mind of Gideon and then Pilar gives the book something different to others that deal with similar ideas. Exactly how Molly is in these peoples minds is not really explained but it certainly makes the book more interesting.
Some of the characters are quite generic but I think that is possibly intended in order to show the stereotypical side of this privileged world.
I liked the character of Pilar and it is interesting to learn more about her when Molly enters her mind. Sarah Miller is really pushing the message of not judging people by their looks alone as there is often far more going on under the surface.
The Other Girl is a quick, entertaining read that would appeal to young adult readers, aged 15 and upwards, it will no doubt be a very popular series.

Many thanks to Bloomsbury for sending me this book to review, it is published on 21st June.


Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

Very interesting, a girl who can enter other people's minds. Very cool review. Thanks for sharing!

Dot said...

Irena- Thank you! It was a little bit different, think it will be a popular series!

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