Nightjar Press

Nicholas Royal who heads up Nightjar Press, a new independent publisher very kindly sent me two of their chapbooks which they specialise in.

When the Door Closed, It Was Dark is written by Alison Moore who lives near Leicester which is where I am. It is an intriguing story with a particularly sinister end.Tina has travelled from Leicester to a foreign country to work as an Au-pair for a family she knows nothing about. Alison Moore explores the feeling of powerlessness when we are placed into unfamiliar situations and cultures, I was gripped! 

Black Country is written by Joel Lane who has always lived in Birmingham which was also where I was born and where I grew up. In Black Country the central character is a police officer returning to his home town in order to investigate a series of incidents with children behaving in a violent manner. Again this chapbook builds up to quite a shocking end that certainly left me with many questions.

I apologise for not giving a lot of detail but as they are short pieces of writing it would be too easy to give it all away. I do not usually enjoy short stories but I have to say that I thought that these two were excellent, the writers made use of every word and you could not help but be drawn into the worlds they were describing. 

If you want to find out more about Nightjar Press then please click here.

There have been a limited number of copies printed for each Chapbook, they are numbered and signed by the author. They cost £3 each plus postage, if you would like to order a copy then you can contact Nicholas Royle: nicholasroyle@mac.com


Anonymous said...

Oooooh I have these and will be reading them when I get a chance over the weekend!

Kim said...

These sound really interesting, Dot. I will be looking out for Nightjar Press publications in future.

Dot said...

Simon- I am not a big fan of short stories but I thought that the quality of writing was excellent.

Kim- They were really interesting, brilliant how the author managed to draw you straight in considering how short they were.

Christie said...

I just had to comment on this because I taught school in the Black Country - Cradley Heath in the early 90s. (They've actually recently closed the school...) My husband and I lived in Black Heath and used to take the train into Birmingham on Saturdays to hang around. *g*

Dot said...

Christie- I lived on the other side of Birmingham but it was interesting to read a book set in places that I knew of.

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