The Dog Who Came in from the Cold by Alexander McCall Smith, Chapter 58 to End.

Alexander McCall Smith's online novel The Dog Who Came in from the Cold has come to an end. I shall miss visiting the Telegraph online everyday to find out what's happening at Corduroy Mansions. I think they will probably leave it up for a little while so if you are still cathing up then I am sure there is still time to see the final chapters.
I loved how McCall Smith tied everything up at the end:
  • Freddie de la Hay is safe and sound and back home with William.
  • Rupert may finally get his hand on Barbara's apartment.
  • Barbara is heading off to the Scottish Highlands with the perfect Hugh.
  • Caroline seems to have gotten over her disappointment with James by falling into the arms of Anthony.
  • Berthea manages to save the day and get Terence out of the clutches of the rather dodgy Roger and Claire.
  • Dee and Martin have sold their Sudoku Remedy business for a tidy sum and Dee has already decided to move out of Corduroy Mansions.
There are many questions left unanswered which will hopefully be addressed in a future online installment:
  • Will Barbara be happy in her new life with Hugh?
  • Will William ever find love?
  • What was going on with the yeti, Rupert has decided that he is not real yet Barbara and Erol Greatorex seem convinced.
  • Who will take Dee's place when she moves out of Jo and Caroline's apartment?
I am a big fan of Alexander McCall Smith and I love his Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency series. This is the first online novel that I have read as unfortunately I missed the first Corduroy Mansions installment. There were times when I read one single chapter a day as intended and times when I caught up with several chapters at once. It's such a fantastic idea to have it onlineand I really enjoyed having the option of listening to Andrew Sachs read the chapters too.
The Dog Who Came in from the Cold is a great mix of the ordinary and extraordinary thrown together. Alexander McCall Smith has chapters dealing with relationships and everyday problems alongside a possible yeti living in London and MI6 borrowing someone's dog in order to entrap some Russian villains.
I shall miss Corduroy Mansions and Freddie de la Hay especially. I do hope that there will be another online novel from Alexander McCall Smith very soon. If you've been reading along too then who was your favourite character and what did you think of the final chapter?


Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

I saw that you were doing this but did not get a chance to check it out. I do have the first book in the No. 1 Lady;s Detective Agency, so I am looking forward to reading it at some point. I am glad that you enjoyed following along with this. A great idea.

Dot said...

Nicole- thank you, hope that you enjoy Ladies No.1 Detective Agency, they are such lovely books! Have a lovely Christmas!

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