Dot Scribbles Suggests: The Girl Next Door by Elizabeth Noble

Ooooh I didn't realise that Elizabeth Noble had a new book coming out, The Girl Next Door is being released on 24th September so not long to wait! I have loved all of Elizabeth Noble's books, especially the last one, Things I Want My Daughters to Know.
Here's the idea for the new one:
What makes a house a home?
For Eve Gallagher, home is miles away in England since she and her husband relocated to an apartment building on New York's Upper East Side. And life isn't remotely coming up roses.

What makes a neighbour a friend?

Violet has lived in the building for decades but she's always kept herself apart, until Eve's loneliness touches her heart and friendship blossoms.

What makes a wife a lover?

Jason Kramer in apartment 6A is no longer sure he loves his wife, but he's head-over-heels for Rachael Schulman in 6B.

What makes the girl next door the woman of your dreams?

Meeting Emily Mikanowski from 3A turns Trip Grayling's world upside down. It's love at first sight, but he needs help from Charlotte, the shy romance addict in 2A, if he's going to win the girl.

Dreams come true, hearts are broken and no-one is left unchanged when the secrets and desires hidden behind closed doors are finally brought into the light.

How good does this sound? I am putting this on my wish list!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh...this sounds just like something I would like, thanks for highlighting it. Love the cover.

Dot said...

Violet- I'm really excited about it, I think the cover's lovely too, really pretty!

Nadia said...

Sounds like such a fun read! I have read other books by Elizabeth Noble and have really enjoyed them. Am looking forward to this new one! Thanks for the heads up!

Dot said...

Nadia- thanks, I'm really looking forward to it too and it's another lovely cover!

Anonymous said...

It's already out, although this is the paperback release I think. I love this cover much more than the one I have. (Mine has red in it, I think).

I actually haven't read it but it's on my TBR pile!!


Anonymous said...

Definitely sounds good! I enjoyed Noble's The Reading Group, though it seemed to have too many characters for me to keep up with the storylines... still, she's a great writer -- I'll look for this one, too!

Amy said...

I've been interested to read something of hers for ages but apparently her books are real tearjerkers.

Nikki said...

i've read it, it is excellent, as good as all her previous books!

Dot said...

chicklitreviews- how embarrassing, I must have completely missed the hardback coming out- it's so strange as I haven't even seen it in shops! The cover is lovely though so I think I will wait for the paperback.

Meg- I know what you mean about The Reading Group but I enjoyed her last book so much, I think she tells a really good story.

Amy- they can be tear- jerkers but they always have lovely endings! I do like a good tear-jerker every now and again though!

Nikki- great, I'm looking forward to it even more now!

Chloe @ chicklitreviews said...

It came in hardback at the start of the year, and I adored it!! I'd thoroughly recommend it, it's one of those books you just can't put down, you can read my review here: http://chicklitreviews.com/2009/05/09/book-review-the-girl-next-door-by-elizabeth-noble/

Chloe xx

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