Birthdays and Celebrations!

It is a day of balloons and banners in the Dot Scribbles household today! Mr S has turned 25, a quarter of a century, bless him!! We had to get up bright and early to open presents as he still has to go to work today unfortunately. I got him a DAB radio which he has wanted for a while as the reception on normal radio in our house is dire and the Star Trek film box set because, well, he is a complete Trekkie geek! I will no doubt regret buying the last present as I am sure I will be subjected to watching at least one of them! Alfie bought Mr S some presents, some jelly sweets as they are Alfie's favourite too and some new slippers as Alfie left us a present in the kitchen earlier in the week which Mr S stepped in, hence needing new slippers! So he has gone off to work a happy man and we have his family coming over later for a nice meal and possibly more presents!
I also had a little mini celebration yesterday as I finally completed writing the first chapter of the book that I am working on, 2,833 words so far! My lovely sister read it and said she enjoyed it (although however much she protests, she is going to be a little biased!) so now I just need to crack on and write the rest.
One last thing for today, Kim, over at Still Reading has read and reviewed Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. This, as I am sure I have mentioned many times is my favourite book, so go and take a peek at Kim's excellent review, especially if you haven't read it yet!


Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Mr S, all the way from Hong Kong and may he 'Live Long and Prosper' (tell him I am doing the Spock middle fingers split thingy, as we speak)x
Congrats on completing the first chapter of your book, you are so clever. Even though you may think your sister is a little biased, I'm sure she would tell you the truth - so it must be good, don't doubt it. Can't wait to read it when you are done.
Thank you for mentioning my review on this post and for being so enthusiastic about 'Rebecca' in the first place, which is the main reason I read it. What a pleasure that was.
Enjoy your evening.

Dot said...

Kim- thank you very much! I am very jealous that you can do the Spock fingers thing, mine just won't do that!

Kim said...

Two sons and a husband dedicated to Star Trek helped me learn the 'Live Long and Prosper' Spock finger-split-thingy, very quickly :)

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