The sun is shining!

Morning everyone! I am in a pretty good mood today, mainly becuase the sun is shining and there is not a grey cloud in sight; it's amazing how much difference the weather makes to your mood isn't it? I have had a really good weekend, Mr S and I went back to Birmingham to organise some wedding stuff! Had the first fitting for my dress which was exciting, I was just relieved that I still liked it when I put it on again as I am not the most decisive of people! Also got my engagement ring back which I am pleased about. The jewellers had had it for nearly a month so they could make me a wedding ring to fit and there have been several occasions where I have forgotten and panicked that it has fallen off and been lost forever! Went to visit one of my bridesmaids who has broken her knee, she is nearly mobile enough to try dresses on so that is good; we tested her mobility by getting her in the car and going for cake- there didn't seem to be too many problems!
I gave up with the Beatrix Potter biography, it was really good but I think I need something a bit more relaxed to read at the moment so I have started Lisa Jewell's book A Friend of the Family. I love Lisa Jewell and every time I read one of her books it spurs me on with my own writing which is exactly what I need at the moment. She has a lovely website with loads of tips and ideas for budding writers plus the story of her long journey to becoming a published author, she seems like a very lovely lady!

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