Picking Up the Pieces by Paul Britton

Paul Britton is one of the UK's top forensic psychologists; he has been credited as the inspiration behind the top TV series Cracker. I read his last book The Jigsaw Man after it was recommended by our sometimes lodger. I thought it was brilliant and could not put it down so I was chuffed to find out that he had written a follow up. The Jigsaw Man looked at many of the high profile cases that Britton has worked on such as the Fred and Rosemary West Murders but Picking Up the Pieces focuses more on his everyday clinical work. So I have to say that I probably didn't find it as gripping as the first book but it was still enlightening. I felt that he is trying to stress that the clinical work is of great importance as if he is able to help people at an early stage then he may be able to prevent them from becoming a Fred West type of figure.

I am very interested in psychology in general so this book definitely appealed to me on that level but I think that it would be enjoyed by many people as it really is an interesting look at human nature and makes you think about what leads people to take the actions that they do.

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