Music to my ears!

This is going to sound really bizarre but I feel like I have just remembered how much I love music! I used to listen to music ALL the time and I just kind of stopped taking a real interest in it. I think this is partly due to moving in with Mr S, he does not stop me from listening to music before you worry but I think that I just tended to listen to what he put on. I have listened to so much music today and it has really done me good to play the songs that have real meaning to me; those songs that bring back memories or trigger an emotion. I think that it could really help with my writing as well so I think that one of my new year's resolutions is going to be to keep up my interest and make sure I listen to more of what I like! My other resolutions so far are:

  • Stop drinking as much diet coke
  • Take part in a charity walk/run (run may be being a bit optimistic!)
  • Lose some weight
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables (I don't really eat any at the moment)
  • Train Alfie to sit and come (this should be interesting)
  • Sleep more

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