It does not look nice outside!

I am up bright and early this morning; we still have to get up to let Alfie out for the toilet as he's still too small to last too long! Having fewer accidents though! So I am sitting in the kitchen on the lap top and the weather outside the window is horrible! The wind is howling and the rain is really heavy; the kind of weather that just makes you want to stop in all day! Unfortunately I have promised Mr S that I will take him out for breakfast this morning and we need to pop and get a couple of Christmas presents; so unfotunately we will have to go out in the rain!

Our area is really winding down for Christmas; there are a lot of students where we live, with the odd young couple and then people that have lived here forever. I love this time of year as all the students start packing up and going home for 4 weeks and it becomes lovely and quiet! On the whole it is not to bad living in an area like this but I do really love it when they all go home for a few weeks!
I have started Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell and it is really good; it is the first book in the Detective Wallander series and I am gripped already. I have been watching the new tv series with Kenneth Brannagh playing Wallander and that led me to investigate the books. I have to say that the series is really good but the books are much better; you get a much better sense of Wallander's character which you can't get from an hour long programme.

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