Bonnie Scotland!

I have had such a lovely weekend! It was Mr S' Dad's 65th Birthday celebrations so he decided to do it in style and took 16 of us to Gleneagles in Scotland. I have never been to Scotland before but I will definitely be going back, it was so beautiful and we had a really good time!

We flew to Edinburgh airport early on Satuday morning and then we had just over an hours drive to Gleneagles as it is in the middle of nowhere but I really didn't mind the drive as the scenery was amazing; vast open spaces and rolling hills and it was a really clear sunny day (a very cold sunny day though!). We pulled up and it is a massive building set in acres of grounds and obviously the world famous golf course! We received such a warm welcome from the staff who sat us by the fire whilst they organised our rooms and collected our luggage and then we had a little tour as it is a pretty big place. Mr S and I were then shown to our room and it was just stunning! I think it is the best hotel room that I have ever stayed in; the bed was huge and we had a sitting room as well which led to a balcony overlooking the gorgeous scenery. There was an open fireplace in the room which made it so, so cosy and inviting and the bathroom was also perfect! So once we had unpacked we all went and had some lunch in the bar and several glasses of champagne and off we all went for a walk. We had to wrap up really warm but it was worth it as the air is so fresh and we all soon had very rosy cheeks, although that could be due to the champagne!

After our walk we went to the spa area and they have this big pool that starts inside the building and then you can swim through a small door into an outer courtyard area and it is heated so as long as you everything apart from your head underwater you can still be nice and warm! After all of this I was quite sleepy so Mr S and I went back to our room and I had a snooze and he watched the rugby!

I eventually woke up to a disgruntled Mr S due to the England rugby score and deposited myself in the bath and made use of the free bubbles provided on the side! Once we were all dressed up we went back downstairs and met up with the others who by now were all looking very relaxed! Mr S' dad had hired a private room which was perfect, just the right size with a beautifully laid dining table with flowers and candles! He had also organised a piper who played as everyone came in and then throughout the evening! He was such a nice man, had to pose for many a photograph whilst playing the bagpipes! We had a lovely meal with everybody having haggis between their starter and main course! I was a bit nervous about this as I had not had it before but it was gorgeous, I would definitely have it again. The piper does a ceremony called addressing the haggis where he recites a Robert Burns poem with all the actions whilst he is cutting it up and then you all eat it with a large glass of whiskey! We climbed into bed in the early hours of the morning and I think I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

When we woke up in the morning, I opened the curtains and everywhere was covered with snow; I know that I am 26 but I still get REALLY excited when it snows! Mr S and I went down to breakfast which included more haggis and then 11 of us went off to do our activity that was planned. Mr S and I had picked to go clay pigeon shooting with his mum and dad; I was really nervous about this as I have never done it before and I thought that with my co-ordination and timing that I would be really bad at it. However, we all really enjoyed it and I was quite good; we had a really good instructor who made everyone really relaxed and gave us all alot of help. More than anything I just enjoyed being outside in the snow, we were quite high up on the shooting range and you could just see more and more of the scenery. After this we had another big lunch (diet for me this week!) then had a little walk and then then it was back to the airport to fly home! I would definitely like to go back there in the future; it was one of the best places that I have ever been to and I would definitely like to go back and see more of Scotland.

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