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Well this writing malarkey is not going well is it! I have been so busy these past few weeks, feels as though there just aren't enough hours in the day. On a positive point though I have had a fair few ideas recently and they have been jotted down in my trusty notebook, doesn't sound like much but it is further than I usually get. I had to write a really difficult letter this evening; I have been putting it off all day but forced myself to sit down and do it about an hour ago. As I've mentioned before I haven't been having too nice a time recently, it's a really long story and I'm sure extremely boring to those not involved. Anway I needed to return something and it did not feel right just popping it into the envelope, I felt that I needed to write a letter to accompany it. So I had a good think and eventually got it down on paper and that is where the problems began, I knew the exact tone that I wanted this letter to deliver but reading it back I was worried that the receipients may get a different message from it. I showed it to Mr S and he understood it in the way I intended so it has gone in an envelope and is waiting to be posted on the morning walk tomorrow. It has really made me think about the audience when you are writing and you can understand why writers go over and over their work and edit and then re-edit. I know that any piece of writing is open to interpretation but I imagine that when you put something out there for others you want them to get your message and ideas as you intended.

Anway onto lighter things, I have had such a lovely weekend, Mr S took me for an early Birthday meal on Friday night at the new Italian restaurant that has opened in town. Italian is my absolute favourite so of course I managed all three courses, several glasses of wine and a capuccino. On Saturday we went Birthday present shopping, I picked lots of lovely things which have now been hidden away and will hopefully reappear next Monday. Mr S usually likes to surprise me on my Birthday but there were lots of things that I needed (wanted) and I am hoping for a very surprise free Birthday this year anyway. Saturday was topped off by my beautiful best friend coming to stay, we kicked off her visit to the shire with a trip to the pub for some guinness and a catch up before returning home to change into our Pjs and settle down to an evening of X-Factor with Mr S!

So back to work tomorrow for another week, we have only 7 days until we get the new puppy! Think we will be picking Alfie up on Sunday and bringing him to his new home. Mr S and I are are very much like two excited 5 year olds at the moment and had to stop ourselves from buying up the entire stock at Pets at Home when we went to get provisions! I shall leave you with a picture of the little man, I am sure you will be hearing a lot more about him in the next few weeks!

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