Here we go again!

Well I have to be honest and admit that this isn't my first blog but I have decided to start again. I have had to be honest with myself recently about what I really want and what I really want is to write and I think that I am going to use this as a way into it. You see I am absolutely petrified of the blank page, Yes I know this is a cliche but for me it really is the case. I have the page in front of me whether it be here on my lap top or in the many notebooks that I own and I have all these ideas dancing around in my head but then they never make it to the page. However, things are going to change, I have decided that I have got to give it a go. So the pens have been dusted off and a suitable empty notebook taken out the drawer and we shall just have to see what happens. This blog is for me I suppose and for any poor unsuspecting person who falls upon it. There will be days when not much happens and days when I may actually write something on that blank page. Therefore this blog will be like the filler, full of everyday things; ideas I may have, books I am reading, films I have watched, what I've had for my dinner and the many little
surprises that life likes to give us.

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