BOOK REVIEW: The Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Turning Into Your Mother by Ada Adverse

Have you ever:
Opened your mouth and heard your mother come out?
Wondered whether a bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed once a year really makes up for those 37 hours your mother spent in St Agnes' Maternity Ward?
Voiced a heartfelt opinion on the weather?
Is so, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Turning Into Your Mother is for you: a guide to the joys of motherhood- with a feminist twist.

This lovely little hardback book would make a great gift for Mother's Day. Each little anecdote is opposite a funny black and white photo, making it the perfect book to dip in and out of. It takes a humorous view of motherhood, family life, annoying husbands and the scary moments when you realise that you may have turned into your own mother. It made me laugh out loud and and I think most mothers need that (and wine) from day to day!

Many thanks to Mills & Boon for sending me a copy of this book and making me smile!  

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