BOOK REVIEW: The Family Man by TJ Lebbon

You take one risk.
Now those you love must pay...
Emma Turner thought she could trust her husband, Dom. She thought that he would always look after and and her daughter Daisy.
Then one reckless act ends in two innocent deaths- and Dom's family becomes the target of a terrifying enemy.
There's nowhere to hide. They're on the run for their lives. And if Dom makes one more wrong move, he won't have a family left to protect.

Publisher: Avon
Pages: 372

T. J. Lebbon has written over 30 novels but he is a new author to me and I was very impressed. 
I found the dialogue in the first few chapters a little disjointed but I'm glad that I stuck with it as I was soon completely engrossed in this action-packed, fast paced story.
Dom is a pillar of the community, he runs his own electrical business and is a governor at the local school. Yet he takes a stupid risk with his cycling mate Andy that puts his life and those of his wife and Daughter Daisy at risk. All of a sudden Dom is having to run in order to survive; the people chasing him and his family are dangerous and twisted. They have a reputation for enjoying causing suffering and pain and now they have Dom and his family on their list. 
The Family Man is so well done; once I had got on board with the huge risk that Dom takes, I enjoyed the story and could not put the book down. 
There are some very graphic descriptions of extreme violence so probably not the best book if you are a little squeamish. T. J. Lebbon sets out to shock and succeeds on more than one occasion in order to fully show the danger that Dom is in. 
The pace of the book is relentless; the last few chapters had me on the edge of my seat as Dom becomes closer and closer to losing everything. It was interesting to see the shift in Dom's behaviour once his family are threatened. His life is quite dull at the beginning of the book but that soon changes and I think he shocks himself by what he will do in order to protect Emma and Daisy.
The Family Man is fast-paced, gritty and hard-hitting, I would highly recommend it. Let me know if you have read any of this author's other books as I would love to try more. 

Many thanks to Avon for sending me a copy of this book to review. 

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