Book Review: You're the One That I Want by Giovanna Fletcher

Maddy, Ben and Robert have been inseparable since they met in the school playground. They've stuck together through thick and thin, feeling safe in the knowledge that they have each other.
So when Ben falls hopelessly in love with Maddy, he decides to keep it quiet for the sake of their friendship. Until Robert swoops in and kisses Maddy- irrevocably fracturing things between them as the kiss turns to love.
But when Robert and Maddy's love turns sour, can Ben continue to say nothing? And can Maddy choose between her two best friends?
You're the One That I Want is Giovanna Fletcher's second book and I thought it was even better than her first, Billy and Me which I really enjoyed.
Maddy, Ben and Robert have been the best of friends since primary school. As they get older and hormones are raging, Maddy and Robert become a couple and Ben's love for Maddy becomes a deep secret which he shares only with his Mum. When Robert and Maddy have relationship trouble, Ben has to decide whether to tell Maddy how he really feels, risking his friendship with both of them.
Each chapter is told from either Maddy or Ben's perspective. This diary-like style really suited the story as the reader gets to know both characters intimately and we are privy to their private thoughts and feelings.
I felt that Giovanna Flethcher captured each stage of their relationship so well. I loved the parts from their childhoods but then it became more complex and emotional as they grew up and friendship turned into other feelings for all of them.
This book reminded me a little of One Day by David Nicholls but I actually thought it was more interesting by adding the love triangle element. I was completely torn  by who I wanted Maddy to be with, both Robert and Ben truly love her and I could completely understand her conflicting feelings for both.
Giovanna Fletcher is particularly good at drawing you into her story and making you care about the characters she has created. You're the One That I Want is a very entertaining book, the characters are very likeable and there are enough twists and turns to keep you reading; I would highly recommend.

Many thanks to Katie at Penguin for sending me a review copy.


Nadia A said...

This book sounds like something I would love. From childhood to adulthood and he's always loved her - how sweet! After reading your post I have to find out who Maddy chooses! Great post ;)

Tink said...

Enjoyed the book review, can't wait to read it! The review has helped make my mind up on to read it or not! xx

Dot said...

Thanks Nadia and Tink, I hope you both really enjoy the book!

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