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I don't normally do posts to endorse products but I really wanted to share my excitement about The Folio Society with you. I love books, especially beautiful books so I was delighted to see just what The Folio Society had to offer, they would make stunning and thoughtful gifts for any book lovers in your life. Dr S is an avid reader too, we have completely different tastes but he nearly always buys hardbacks so we have a massive collection in our house. The very lovely Kate from FMcM Associates kindly allowed me to choose a book from the society that I would send as a gift on Father's Day. It really didn't take me long to choose, Dr S is a huge Patrick O'Brian fan so I picked Master and Commander which is the first in the series. I was too excited to wait for Fathers Day when the book arrived so Dr S got an early present and has decided that he would like to collect them all!
The book arrived in a lovely gift box and as you can see from the pictures, it is very special. The cover is very eye catching with the blue and gold and it feels nice to hold. Inside the book has pictures that relate to the story and the history at the time so these just add to the overall reading experience.

Here's what The Folio Society have to say about themselves:
Great books should be outstanding not only in literary content but also in their physical form: this has been the philosophy of The Folio Society since it was founded in 1947 by Charles Ede, with a dream of publishing beautiful books that would be affordable to everyone. Our pleasure in reading is enhanced by the book itself, in which typography, illustration, paper, printing and binding all play a part in creating a harmonious whole. In a world of declining publishing standards, where most books are cheaply printed, and bound using low-grade materials, The Folio Society resolutely sets store by traditional values of excellence; for our designers and production personnel the term 'quite good' means 'no good': only the best is good enough.In our 64-year history, Folio has published an astonishing range of works; fromMoby-Dick to Pather Panchali, and from the Qur’├ón to Kerouac’s On The Road. The quality of our books as tactile and aesthetic objects has been a constant hallmark, but members (some of whom have been with us from our inception in 1947) have long looked beyond our exceptional covers, to the standards we uphold for each and every text. From introducers who make up the great names of modern literature and academia, and editors and picture researchers who ensure unrivalled standards of research and textual work, to our artists who have swept the board in so many illustrations awards – Folio offers a complete experience for the book-lover.

I love to give books as gifts and I know that The Folio Society is going to become a firm favourite, I highly recommend you go and have a look, especially if you are looking for that extra special gift or maybe just a treat for yourself!

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Nikki-ann said...

How amazing! I want one for myself :)

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