Book Review: Release Me by J. Kenner

He was the one man I couldn't avoid. And the one man I couldn't resist.
Damien Stark could have his way with any woman. He was sexy, confident and commanding: anything he wanted, he got. And what he wanted was me.
Our attraction was unmistakable, almost beyond control, but as much as I ached to be his, I feared the pressure of his demands. Submitting to Damien meant I had to bear the darkest truth about my past- and risk breaking us apart.
Release Me is about the relationship between Nikki and Damien. Nikki met Damien 6 years ago when she was competing in a beauty pageant and she has never forgotten him. They meet again when she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Their attraction is instant but Nikki has some secrets from her past which she doesn't feel ready to share and Damien is clearly hiding something too.
I enjoyed Release Me and I was pleased to discover that it is the first in a trilogy. There are many comparisons to be made with Fifty Shades of Grey, if you enjoyed those then you will love this too.
Damien Stark is a very enigmatic character, he has some infuriating traits but it is easy to understand why Nikki is drawn to him. I found Nikki a little more complicated, she ha
s these secrets in her past and I felt that they were really built up even though we didn't learn that much about their cause. Maybe we will discover more about Nikki and Damien in the next book.
Release Me is a quick, sexy, escapist read. J. Kenner keeps the plot going and the reader wanting more.

Dot Scribbles Rating: 3.75/5
Pages: 352
Publisher: Headline Review

Many thanks to the lovely Veronique at Headline for sending me a copy of the book to review, Release Me is out now!

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