Book Review: Somebody Else's Shoes by Tiffany Wright

Frumpy, insecure, London real-life journalist Mia is unfulfilled with her life. Her job interviewing the weird and wonderful people of the world is thankless, she doesn't have a love life and her family are on the brink of driving her to the edge. If she were a pair of shoes she would be ballet pumps- reliable, comfortable and just a little  bit dull.
Gorgeous Natasha Logue is a celebrity fashion stylist with everything she could possibly want at her feet. Her days are spent smooching around with celebs, wearing outrageously expensive clothes and dating London's sexiest men. She is the epitome of a Louboutin- sleek, stylish and the envy of every other woman out there.
But one day Mia and Natasha's worlds collide in a way neither could imagine possible and suddenly the shoes are on the other foot. But will a new chance of life be the opportunity both women need to change? Or is the grass always greener? We discover what it's really like walking in somebody else's shoes.
I have really enjoyed reading Somebody Else's Shoes by Tiffany Wright. I found her writing style to be refreshing and witty and I think we have a lot to look forward to from this new author.
Mia is pretty fed up, she is generally fed up in life. Her career is not as planned or wanted and there is no one to come home to at the end of the day to make it all better. I won't disclose how but Mia ends up swapping lives with the gorgeous Natasha Logue. She is the stylist to the stars; she has a wardrobe to die for, a successful business and an extremely busy love life.
At first Mia thinks she will never be able to walk in Natasha's shoes but she soon begins to like her reflection in the mirror and believe that her completely disrespectful demands are totally acceptable. Mia must question whether she must do whatever it takes to get her old life back or is she happier being Natasha even if it means changing who she is forever?
Somebody Else's Shoes is a really clever life-swap story. Mia goes through so many life changes and realisations in the book, there were times when I thought she was vile but that's the whole point of these kinds of stories.
Tiffany Wright's background in magazine journalism really does shine through. I loved the sneek peek into the world of fashion with all its drama and glamour. Somebody Else's Shoes is extremely poignant and I liked the fact that the ending was not as predictable as I had perhaps thought it would be. There are many entertaining moments in the book and Tiffany's writing style keeps you wanting more as each chapter slips easily into the next.
I would have liked to have learned more about the changes in Natasha. The focus is mainly on Mia and I would have been very interested to see how, if at all Natasha changes?
Somebody Else's Shoes is an entertaining and thought provoking read, I'm looking forward to Tiffany Wright's next book already!

Dot Scribbles Rating: 4/5

Somebody Else's Shoes is available now here.


Kim said...

Sounds interesting, Dot. I will look out for this. Thanks for the review.

Dot said...

Thanks Kim!

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