Book Review: The Fall by Claire McGowan

What would you do if the man you love was accused of murder?
Bad things never happen to Charlotte. She's living the life she's always wanted and about to marry wealthy banker, Dan. But Dan's hiding a secret, and after he's arrested for the viscous killing of a nightclub owner, Charlotte's future is shattered.
Then she opens her door to Keisha,  an angry and frustrated stranger with a story to tell. But what Keisha knows threatens everyone she loves and puts her own life in danger.
DC Matthew Hegarty is finding it difficult to ignore his growing doubts as well as the beautiful and vulnerable Charlotte. Can he really risk it all for what's right?
Three stories. One truth. They all need to brace themselves for the fall.
I'm just beginning to get into crime books and The Fall by Claire McGowan is a great example of the genre. The book isn't overly long at 374 pages but I really took my time reading it as I enjoyed McGowan's story so much. Claire McGowan's writing style is extremely absorbing and vivid, it felt as though I was watching a gritty drama each time I picked the book up.
Charlotte is the central character, it is her fiance who is accused of murder and she is is the one left picking up the pieces. She is almost broken from the very beginning; over night she loses everything she has ever valued or known. However, as the book progresses, Charlotte has to find the strength in order to sort everything out. Nobody seems to want to fight for anything, including her fiance, so she quickly comes to the realisation that she is on her own.
Keisha, in many ways is the complete opposite to Charlotte; streetwise, uneducated and poor but the murder unexpectedly brings these two women together. I thought it was really interesting that both women are in the position they are because of the men they are with yet both know that only they can sort out the consequences.
The Fall is a dark and powerful book. Claire McGowan is not afraid to show the gritty and uncomfortable side of crime and the knock-on effects it has on peoples lives. It can take a long time to achieve something in life but it takes no time at all to fall to rock bottom.
This is Claire McGowan's debut book but I think she has a real talent an she will be an author to look out for in the future.

Dot Scribbles Rating: 5/5

Many thanks to Headline for sending me a copy of the book to review, The Fall is out now.

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