Book Review: Never Mind The Botox by Penny Avis and Joanna Berry

Never Mind The Botox is a series about four professional women all working on the sale of high profile cosmetic surgery business the Beau Street Group. Each book reveals how the women cope with one of the of the most glamorous but challenging deals of their careers, and the dramatic impact it has on their personal lives. With a briefcase in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, can they navigate their way through a surreal world of boob jobs by day and intrigue by night- and still keep their own love lives on track?
Alex Fisher is a high flying lawyer close to making partner and busy planning her perfect wedding to Elliott. But life suddenly becomes complicated when she's faced with a hot junior lawyer on her team and an actress threatening to jeopardise the deal by exposing her dodgy cosmetic surgery. Soon Alex is forced into a series of impossible choices that are all inextricably linked and life will never be the same again. 
Penny Avis and Joanna Berry are writing from first hand experience of working in the city as a corporate lawyer and accountant. Their experience of working in  high powered, corporate environments is clear to be seen in the book and makes it particularly realistic.
Alex is the central character in the first book of this four book series, I took to her immediately. She is extremely ambitious and about to make partner at her law firm but she is still very human and likeable. I often find that career-driven women are often portrayed as complete bitches in books so it was refreshing to read about a successful woman with a likable side.
Alex is engaged to Elliott, their marriage is in less than three months and things are already a little rocky. Elliott is in a band still trying to make it in the music industry and he doesn't seem particularly interested in helping Alex with the wedding plans, she even had to buy her own engagement ring!
Alex knows that the Beau Street Group deal could be her last hurdle to partnership. The deal would secure a huge fee for the firm and allow Alex to prove herself in the cut throat corporate world. As Alex and her team begin to investigate the firm, they come across some botched surgery complaints that threaten the whole deal, especially as they involve celebrities who aren't afraid to go running to the media.
Alex includes Dan, a young American lawyer, on her team. She regrets it immediately, her and Dan had a drunken kiss a while back and she has not been able to get him out of her mind. Alex knows that she must be professional though and focus on the deal. Her personal life needs attention too, she has a wedding to plan and thoughts of Dan to banish.
I have really enjoyed reading Never Mind The Botox and I thought that it had a very interesting feel to it. The characters are well created and there is a lot of humour injected into the book by the character of Alex's mum who is convinced that Alex needs both butterflies and unicorns at her wedding.
Penny Avis and Joanna Berry make a good writing team and I look forward to getting to know the next character in the series.

Many thanks to Troubador for sending me a copy of the book to review.


Jules (The Great, The Good and The Bad) said...

This sounds like something that I would like!

Dot said...

Jules- I think you would and it's a new series so there are more to look forward to.

Famous Women in Business said...

The book was very realistic to real life and the authors knowledge of Rachels' work field was emphasized.

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