Book Review: The Perfect Hero by Victoria Connelly

The circus has come to town...Die-hard romantic, Kay Ashton, uses her inheritance to open a B&B in the seaside town of Lyme Regis and is dumbstruck when the cast and crew of a new production of Persuasion descend, needing a place to stay. Kay can't believe her luck- especially when she realises that heartthrob actor Oli Wade Owen will be sleeping under her very own roof! 
Meanwhile, co-star Gemma Reilly is worried that her acting isn't up to scratch, despite landing a plum role. She finds a sympathetic ear in shy producer, Adam Craig, who is as baffled by the film world as she is. Kay thinks that the two are meant for each other and can't resist a spot of matchmaking. Then Oli turns his trademark charm on Kay, it seems that she has found her real-life hero. But do heroes really exist?
I read Victoria Connelly's first book, A Weekend With Mr Darcy and thought it was great. Although The Perfect Hero is not a sequel, it does still have a heavy Jane Austen influence on the form of her book Persuasion. Unfortunately Persuasion is the only Austen book I haven't read (this is soon to be remedied) but for review purposes I can say that this wasn't a bad thing as I don't think I missed anything in The Perfect Hero.
Kay is a very likable character, she hasn't had a great life so when she unexpectedly comes into some money, she knows she has to grasp the opportunity with both hands. She has always wanted to live by the sea and Lyme Regis has a particular pull due to it featuring in Jane Austen's Persuasion. Kay is a true Austen fan and her real passion is illustrating Austen's books. She knows that her illustrations are good but she hasn't found the courage to send them to any publishers yet.
Kay buys the B&B in Lyme Regis and hasn't even finished decorating when the cast of Persuasion check in. They are filming on location and Kay finds herself surrounded by film stars that she had previously admired from afar. Oli Wade Owen has Kay completely star struck and she soon has a full on crush. Oli is happy to turn the charm on but he isn't all he seems.
Gemma Reilly is playing the lead role of Anne Elliot but she is painfully shy. She has been pushed into acting by her famous mother but her heart really isn't in it. Gemma gets on well with Kay but is confused as to why she is trying to match her up with producer Adam when it is clear that he has had a crush on Kay from the very start.
I really enjoyed The Perfect Hero, it is very reminiscent of Austen, with the gossip, intrigue, mysterious male leads and misunderstandings in love. Victoria Connelly's writing is extremely witty and I love her enthusiasm for Austen and her ability to recognise and represent a true Austen fan,
I would highly recommend both of Victoria Connelly's books. I found The Perfect Hero to be very entertaining and it has finally made me put Persuasion at the top of my TBR pile.

Many thanks to Charlotte at Avon for sending me a copy of the book to review, The Perfect Hero is out today.


Jules said...

This would probably be one that I would pick up.


Irena @ This Miss Loves to Read said...

I REALLY like the sound of this. Great review!

I hope you'll enjoy Persuasion by Austen.

Emma said...

Great review! It's tipped me over to buying it :).

It's funny, I love all things Austen, but have not read any of the books *hangs head in shame*. I've watched all available films and read all manner of books based around Austen, but not her actual books. Think I'll have to fix this ASAP!

Julie @ Read Handed said...

Sounds so cute! Thanks for the review!

Helen said...

This sounds great. I've read one of Victoria Connelly's other books, Molly's Millions, and really enjoyed it so I'd definitely like to try this one. And I'm actually reading Persuasion at the moment too!

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