GIVEAWAY!! Getting Away With It by Julie Cohen

I read the hardback copy of Getting Away With it by Julie Cohen last year and it is published in paperback by Headline today. If you click here then it will take you to my review but here's a little bit about the book:

'Wherever there's trouble, there's Liza Haven...' That's what the villagers of Stoneguard used to say. But when your identical twin sister's the local golden girl, sometimes it's more fun to be the bad twin. 
Now working in LA as a stuntwoman, Liza can be as wild as she wants. But when she loses her job, and almost her life, she's forced to return home. 
Only, things have changed in Stonegaurd and her sister Lee has gone, deserting their difficult mother, a flagging family business and a dangerously attractive boyfriend. What's more the whole village thinks that Liza is Lee.
Can Liza get away with pretending to be the good twin? Or is it finally time to discover who she really is?

I have a paperback copy of Getting Away With It it to give away within the UK. All you have to do is leave your email address in the comment section and tell me what your dream flavour of ice-cream would be (it will make sense once you've read the book!). This competition will close at midnight on Thursday 24th March and I shall pick a winner! Good luck!


Julie Cohen said...

Beetroot and horseradish!

No, wait. I already have the book. Sorry.

Thanks for helping me celebrate, Dot!

Dot said...

Julie Cohen! He he, I imagine you have many copies! Loved the book, happy paperback publication day!

Tom clempson said...

Mince pie and custard! Seriously, if someone could get me some by Christmas it would make my year!

Dizzy C said...

Key Lime Pie flavour.
Would that work, I wonder.

carol :)

cb2ck at hotmail dot co dot uk

booketta said...


pistaccio and dark chocolate mint mixed together

Kulsuma said...

chocolate,vanilla and raspberry together- though I think it will make me sick.

Gabbycat said...

Ginger Beer flavoured ice cream would be amazing :) Looking forward to reading your book!
Gabby (de_profundis@hotmail.co.uk)

Charlie said...

I think it probably exists but it's difficult finding places that sell it: hazelnut. books at carnelianvalley dot com

Nikki-ann said...

Coconut & Cola ice cream... The ice cream version of Malibu & Coke! :D

nixtee [at] gmail.com

Jules said...

I'm lactose intolerant so mine would be a soya ice-cream that tasted like Ben and Jerry's cookie dough :)


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