Book Review: That Gallagher Girl by Kate Thompson

Fore free-spirited Cat Gallagher, having a roof over her head involves a spot of unofficial house sitting. Cat lands on her feet once again when she discovers a deserted villa in the village of Lissamore. But when the new owner unexpectedly arrives to take possession, Cat needs to think fast to avoid being thrown out on her ear.
Rio Kinsella is also in a predicament. When an old flame turns up on her door step, the future seems rosy, but Rio soon finds out that nothing is ever that simple- especially where love is concerned. Can both women find a way through their problems?
It took me a little while to get in to this book as there seemed to be a lot of characters and at first I wasn't entirely sure how they were all connected but once I got into it I found it very enjoyable.
Cat Gallagher is the daughter of world famous artist Hugo Gallagher and she is extremely talented in that area too. However, Cat is a bit of a drifter, she has no job or home and in the beginning of the book, no direction either. I liked the character a little more by the end of the book but I have to say that for the most part, I found her pretty annoying.
Cat ends up squatting effectively in a mansion in Lissamore. Finn, the new owner's son returns to work on the house so Cat has to come up with  something quickly in order to keep a roof over her head. Finn is actually doing the house up for his Dad, movie star Shane and so he allows Cat to stay on in return for her decorating skills.
Rio Kinsella is Finn's Mum and when her old flame Adair returns to the village she can envision a very happy future together. But she still has a place in her heart for Shane so how will she feel when she learns that he is returning too?
That Gallagher Girl is an enjoyable read. It is about friendship and love and the opportunities we take and those we decide to pass on by. I loved the Irish setting and will look out for Kate Thompson's other books in the future.

Many thanks to Avon for sending me a copy to review, it is in shops now!

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