Book Review: Sacrifice by S. J. Bolton

Moving to remote Shetland has been unsettling enough for consultant surgeon Tora Hamilton, even before the gruesome discovery she makes one rain-drenched afternoon...
Deep in the peat soil of her field she uncovers the body of a young woman. The heart has been removed, and marks etched into the skin bear an eerie resemblance to carvings Tora has seen in her own cellar.
But as Tora begins to ask questions, terrifying threats start rolling in like the cold island mists...
This is the first book that I have read for The Great Transworld Crime Caper and it's been a brilliant start. S.J. Bolton grabs you and literally does not let go, I just felt that the story got better and better.
Tora Hamilton discovers the body on her land in the first few pages of the book. The gruesome discovery is a shock but she could not have imagined what would happen next. The body which is a young woman has it's heart missing and symbols etched into the back. Tora alerts the police immediately but she cannot leave it alone and begins doing her own investigations. A whole can of worms is opened and Tora believes there are several more bodies buried on Shetland and that the local police, some of her medical colleagues and possibly her own husband are all in on it.
Setting the book on Shetland just adds to the overall atmosphere. The island is steeped in mythology and Tora has to question what is true and what is terrifyingly possible. The island setting also adds to Tora's desperation and isolation. Shetland is tiny and remote, Tora has no where to hide and no one to trust and now plenty of people would be quite happy if she disappeared.
Sacrifice is part thriller, part murder mystery. The pace is relentless, I was completely involved from start to finish. I would highly recommend this book and will definitely be looking up S.J. Bolton's others.

Many thanks to Transworld for sending me a review copy.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I loved it too, and like you, I now can't wait to read S.J. Bolton's other books!

Anonymous said...

This was not one I picked for the 3 you could chose.

Might have to look for it now though.

The Book Whisperer said...

I got my copy in the post today - can't wait to read it!

Dot said...

shereadsnovels- good to find a new author you enjoy !

josbookjourney- I think the crime caper is a really good idea- hoping to enjoy all three!

The Book Whisperer- Hope that you enjoy it!

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