Book Review: Time of Death by Alex Barclay

FBI agent Ren Bryce's hunt for some of the country's most dangerous killers is about to turn into a nightmare. There is unfinished business between those she is pursuing, and soon she is forced to confront both personal and professional traumas.
Then someone close to Ren is murdered and secrets from her past look set to be revealed, throwing her into a world of fear, paranoia and danger.
Dark forces are at work and someone is determined to destroy Ren's life. But time is running out and Ren must catch a killer before he catches her...

I hadn't ready anything by Alex Barclay before but I very much enjoyed Time of Death. I've thought about this review for a while and I have decided not to talk too much about the plot as it would be far too easy to spoil it for others. The book is very fast paced though, we visit several locations but I think this just adds to the reader's understanding of how desperate Ren Bryce is to catch the killer.
FBI agent Ren Bryce made the book for me, she is an excellent character. Ren suffers from Bipolar as does one of my closest friends and Alex Barclay describes the condition perfectly whilst exploring how it would effect somebody with Bipolar to work is such a high risk and stressful job. Ren is chasing a killer whilst trying to protect her family which seems to be falling apart and also trying to keep the explosive secrets from her past well and truly hidden. I loved how Alex Barclay shows Ren's thoughts alongside the dialogue, it's like being let in on the secret of what she is actually thinking.
There is a lot going on in Time of Death and quite a few characters to keep up with. I sometimes find that a bit annoying but instead I was very impressed with the way that Alex Barclay brought everything together.
This is a proper page turner that I am sure will appeal to many readers. I really liked Alex Barclay's writing style and shall be on the lookout for her future books.

Many thanks to Harper for sending me this book to review, it is published today!


Book Chick City said...

This sounds like a great read - I love a good crime novel every now and then. Is this part of a series? Thanks for the review, I'm now intrigued :)

Dot said...

Book Chick City- Thank you! I don't think it's part of a series, although I know she has written three previous books! It was a really good read though with great characters.

The Book Whisperer said...

I love a good crime fiction, Dot. Thanks for the review - I need to check this one out now.

Boof x

Dot said...

The Book Whisperer- Thanks, hope you enjoy it, I like a good crime story too!!

Joanna said...

Hey! I read this recently on holiday ,, it is part of a series,, Darkhouse and The Caller are the two books in the first series and Time of Death is the second book in the second series that follows Blood Runs Cold :) xx

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