1O books all about me!

After reading Simon's post yesterday over at Savidge Reads I decided to have a go myself. The idea is that you pick 10 random books from your book shelf and explain how they tell the world something about yourself. You may have to cheat just a little as there are some books that just won't fit in at all, here's my ten:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows- Anyone who has read this wonderful book will know that it is made up entirely of letters. I love letter writing and it is something that I have always done. This blog has led me to make a wonderful pen pal in Kim from Still Reading, she lives in Hong Kong and loves writing letters too so we decided to start corresponding in that way and I have made a lovely new friend whose letters I look forward to receiving.

The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K. Lee- this is still on my TBR pile but the title is an appropriate one. I had piano lessons as a child but to be honest I didn't take them that seriously and my piano teacher was very old and would often fall asleep. It is an ambition of mine to learn to play the piano again in the future and it remains one of my favourite instruments to hear being played.

That's Another Story by Julie Walters- I have only just got this but I am really looking forward to reading it. Not only is she one of my favourite actresses but she also grew up in Birmingham just like I did.

The Devil in the Kitchen by Marco Pierre White- this book will tell you two things, firstly I unashamedly have a crush on Mr Pierre White and secondly I love cooking. Since I left home I have really got into cooking and I want to pursue that even more this year. We have a big shelf of recipe books in our kitchen and I am very lucky that Mr S is a willing taster!

Myself When Young by Daphne Du Maurier- ever since I read Rebecca I have been totally enthralled by Daphne Du Maurier. Her writing is amazing and I could read her books again and again but I too find Daphne herself fascinating; she was such a complex woman and when you know a little about her then it really shines through in her books and adds something extra to them.

The Commodore by Patrick O'Brian- this is not my book but it does tell you something about me. This belongs to my lovely husband; life is a little stressful at the moment as he has many exams coming up as he's in the last year of his medical degree. Our whole house is littered with medical text books but it is Patrick O'Brian who he turns to when he wants to escape and relax a little. Mr S likes a good old adventure on a ship with some battles and pirates thrown in for good measure.

The Complete Short Stories of Hercule Poirot by Agatha Christie- I have always loved a good mystery and I think that Agatha Christie offers some of the best. I think that mysteries and thrillers are great to read when you really need to switch off for a while, working out who did it is a very good way of taking your mind off more stressful matters.

Matilda by Roald Dahl- I have always loved reading and was always encouraged to do so from a very young age. I think that Roald Dahl was possibly the first author that really captured my imagination and I still have every single one of his books. I loved the quirky worlds and characters that he brought to life and I think he was one of the first children's' authors to be unafraid to show the darker, more sinister side of life.

Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake- this is the one that came off the shelf but I wouldn't say that William Blake is my favourite poet, that title would probably go to Christina Rossetti. My time at university really opened my eyes to the world of poetry and I am extremely grateful for that. I never really discuss poetry with anyone or blog about it as I think the poetry that you like and the way you interpret it is often deeply personal.

31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell- I have always spent a lot of my time day dreaming and I don't expect this to ever change. My dreams and ambitions have changed so much in the last few years. My dream of becoming Mr S' wife has been realised and made me happier than I could ever imagined. I still have dreams for the future though and many of them revolve round books and writing, I just hope that I can achieve them.

So there you go, those are my ten books that tell you a little bit more about myself, why don't you give it a go?


Anonymous said...

Alright chuck, this meme is so much fun you get to know such funny/cute things about each other. You were originally from Birmingham, not that far from me in little old Tamworth!

Dot said...

thebookwormchronicles- It's a good idea isn't it! I know Tamworth as that's where my Nan lives, I used to live in Sutton.

Anonymous said...

Hoorah you did it Dot! I am so pleased that you had a whirl at this. Its so interesting to find out more about people through books. Lovely to hear about Mr S and your piano snoozing teacher hehehe.

Dot said...

Simon- thank you, I really enjoyed it, haven't done a meme for ages!

Amanda said...

You had me cracking up with The Piano Teacher. Since you haven't read it yet, I'll let you know that the main thing that sticks out about that book is that the "piano teacher" carries on an S+M type relationship and is a bit of a self-injurer.....

Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing a few of those titles lately myself! Alas not from my own shelves... The Piano Teacher is on my list of "perhaps I will purchase", however- let me know if you like it. It's about the woman who goes to Hong Kong, right?

Matilda is an oldie but a goodie and one of my absolute faves- although Witches, I think, edges it out a wee bit in my mind.

It's so wonderful to see these posts and get to know fellow bloggers! [I followed your link from bookwormchronicles.]

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Aww, what a great post, I really enjoyed it! I might give it a go once I have more time, life is currently so hectic. You picked some great titles though!

Melody said...

That's a great post, Dot! It's great knowing more about you through your answers. :)

Astrid (Mrs.B) said...

Great picks! This was a really fun meme.

Dot said...

Amanda- I had no idea that The Piano Teacher had such a colourful character in it!! Looking forward to reading it even more now!

Kimberlyloomis- They're a good idea aren't they, I've only just discovered bookwormchronicles but I think I will become a regular visitor.

Bookalicious Ramblings- Thank you, hope that you get chance to do it.

Melody- thank you, I really enjoyed doing it.

Mrs B- I thought it was a good idea for a meme, made me think!

Kim said...

This meme is really fun.
You made me laugh when you mentioned your piano teacher because I too had a simmilar experience when I was growing up and failed miserably to learn how to play inspite of two years of lessons, not least of all because my teacher was terribly old and grumpy and used to hum to herself whilst I was attempting to play!! (That may say more about my playing than about her teaching, though)
I will have a go at this, I think, it is so interesting to see how books touch our lives in so many different ways.
Thanks for posting this meme, Dot.

Dot said...

Kim- thank you! It's a good idea for a meme isn't it! What a shame that we both had slightly dodgy piano teachers!

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