The Dog Who Came In From The Cold- Online novel- Chapters 31-40

It's all been happening at Corduroy Mansions, Alexander McCall-Smith's latest online novel with the Telegraph, The Dog Who Came In From The Cold is in its 40th chapter now, that sounds a lot but they're only short so there is still plenty of time to catch up if you've only just found out about it.
It's all very mysterious at the moment, we have Dee meeting with Richard Eadston, the venture capitalist about her herbal Sudoku remedy. She seems to just sail through life, blissfully unaware of what is happening around her or any problems she has caused.
James and Caroline are speaking again after the Dee incident but James confesses that he doesn't really like women... or men. He just wants to be friends! Caroline agrees to this but is she really completely happy to settle for friendship?
Rupert and Gloria see Ratty Mason in a restaurant, he is somebody that Rupert went to school with but very much does not want to talk about out. Gloria's suspicions are raised and she is determined to get some answers in the future. These two are then caught snooping round Barbara's apartment by the Yeti memoir author who is staying there while she is away. He doesn't realise who they are but will Barbara find out? What will her reaction be? Does anyone else think that Rupert might secretly like Barbara or is that just me?
Freddie de la Hay is back but only briefly! William has handed him over to MI6 in the form of Tilly Curtain who is looking after him. Poor Freddie, he thinks that he has been got rid of by William and wonders what on earth he did wrong. It sounds like Freddie's adventure is only just beginning though as Sebastian Duck pops in to fit him with a new aerial collar so that Freddie will be able to go under cover. I do hope that there is more from Freddie de la Hay in the next chapters, he is still my firm favourite!


Anonymous said...

I am literally just downloading them all on to my iPod so I cam play catch up when I walk to the library later on! I have gotten myself rather behind which is shameful!

Dot said...

I sometimes have to play catchup too, I really like listening to Andrew Sachs read it!

Diane said...

I LOVE LOVE the cover on this one.

Kim said...

Going to catch up today, I too am behind on this one. Shameful indeed! Thank you for this post, Dot, you have encouraged me to download the missing episodes.

Dot said...

Diane- I really love the illustrations that they have done for this, really brings it all to life!

Kim- thank you, I've really enjoyed the last few chapters, little bit more about Freddie de lay Hay, my favourite!!

Anonymous said...

Never heard about the herbal sudoku remedy.
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Kim said...

Ok, I'm caught up - Freddie is the cutest thing and still my favourite too!

Dot said...

Carolina- You will have to read the online novel to find out!!

Kim- Freddie de la Hay is great isn't he, I hope nothing bad happens to him!

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