The Dog Who Came in from the Cold by Alexander McCall Smith, Chapter 41-57

It has all been happening at Corduroy Mansions, the online novel from Alexander McCall Smith over on the Telegraph's website. I have really enjoyed the recent chapters and will try and fill you in on the latest developments:
  • Berthea is very worried about her eccentric brother, Terence, who is planning on signing his house over to the rather dodgy Roger and Claire who want to open a Centre for Cosmological Studies.
  • Freddie de la Hay (my favourite character) has been left in the care of Tilly Curtain of MI6 and he is very upset and worried about the fact that Williams appears to have abandoned him. He is even more concerned when Tilly hands him over to Mr Podgornin, their Russian suspect.
  • When Mr Podgornin's colleagues find Freddie's transmitting collar, we are left wondering what his fate will be as Mr Podgornin says he has lethal plans for him.
  • Rupert and Gloria have been meddling again and they get caught snooping round Berthea's flat by Errol Greatorex who is staying there whilst helping the yeti to finish his memoirs.
  • Gloria wants to know more about Ratty Mason- a school friend of Rupert's who they see at dinner and who Rupert is very reluctant to talk about.
  • Meanwhile Barbara is on a little trip with the perfect Hugh to meet his parents Sorley and Stephanie. They seem perfect like their perfect son and perfect home but Barbara is starting to wonder if it is all just a little bit fake?
  • Finally Dee receives a letter from Richard Eadston, the venture capitalist, he has agreed to invest for a 25% share of her Sudoku Remedy business. Dee needs some money to set it up so she jumps at her assistant Martin's offer to become a business partner in exchange for his investment of £5,000.
They may be small chapters but a lot is happening at Corduroy Mansions, I have so many questions at the moment:
  • Will William manage to save Freddie?
  • Will Barbara be able to stop Terence from signing over their childhood home?
  • Who is this Ratty Mason figure from Rupert's past?
  • Are Hugh and his family as perfect as they seem?
  • Is the yeti real or is Errol Greatorex simply mad?
Obviously I am most concerned about the fate of Freddie de la Hay, I hope that William and Tilly are able to save the day.
What do you think so far? Any favourite characters? To read along every day or to find out more about The Dog Who Came in from the Cold by Alexander McCall Smith then just click here.


Anonymous said...

I am catching up with this now on the podcasts and am almost upto date - hoorah! I am really enjoying it but do find reading/listening to things in bits seems to mean I forget a lot! Will definately be buying the book.

Dot said...

Simon- I know what you mean, I forget bits every now and again! I still haven't got round to reading the first book but I may wait until after or I may get a little confused!

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