Review: Tell Me Something by Adele Parks

I have been meaning to read an Adele Parks book for a long time as her front covers always catch my eye. Tell Me Something sounded like a good place to start; it follows the character of Elizabeth, she has only ever wanted two things in life, an Italian husband and lots of bouncing babies. She meets and marries Roberto and begins planning the family that she longs for. However, Roberto is called back to Italy to help run the family business and Elizabeth is not met with the idyllic Italian life that she has been day dreaming about for many years. Rafaella, Elizabeth's terrifying mother-in-law and Ana-Maria, Roberto's gorgeous ex-fiance do not welcome her with open arms, instead they seem determined to destroy her marriage. Elizabeth is extremely lonely in Italy so she is over-joyed to make friends with Chuck, an American language tutor. At first she thinks she simply enjoys his company because she is able to converse in her native tongue with him, but as things become more strained with Roberto, she has to be honest with herself about her feelings for this new friend.
I love Italy so I really loved the setting of this book, it made me want to pack my suitcase and hop on a plane! The Italian characters are brilliant, Adele Parks manages to show their fiery, passionate nature alongside their strong family values. Rafaella is not a particularly nice character but she is the perfect, meddling Italian matriarch.
This book was quite long but the story moved really quickly and I really enjoyed the dialogue between the characters especially when up against the language barrier. I have another Adele Parks book sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, I'm really looking forward to reading it as I thought that Tell Me Something was a really good read.


Amy said...

Ooh, I've not read any Adele Parks, but I want to! Do you know Dans interviewed her, you can read at www.novellily.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I read an Adele Parks novel years ago and didn't enjoy it very much, but perhaps I should try her books again now I'm more open to different writing styles and authors than I was back then! Great review! Chloe

Dot said...

Amy- You should try her, I really enjoyed it! Thanks for the link, I love finding new blogs!

Chloe- thank you! Maybe try a different one, I really enjoyed this one but apparently it is quite different from the others she has written!

Adele Parks said...

Hi Dot,

Glad to hear that you enjoyed Tell Me Something, great to hear that the Italian research trips were worth it!

Huge thanks for picking up a copy and spreading the word.

Happy reading


Dot said...

Adele- thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my review. I have Love Lies sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, I'm really looking forward to it!

Goddess of Blah Book Reviews said...

i loved this book!

Dot said...

Goddess of Blah Book Reviews- I enjoyed it- keep meaning to get some more of her books to try as I always hear good things!

Anonymous said...

I loved this book, so many women can relate to it. But wish there was a part where Roberto finds out that she became a mom.

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