National Cupcake Week!!!

As I'm sure you are aware I am quite partial to the odd cupcake or two!! I've mentioned before that my lovely sister and her husband run their own cupcake company, Cupcakes & Peonies! Well it is National Cupcake week next week, 14th-19th September and Cupcakes and Peonies are running a sparkly competition where you can win a box of beautiful cupcakes delivered directly to your door!
The idea is that you have to email them and tell them if you were a cupcake (a dream I have had more than once!), what flavour would you be and why? Click here for the link to their delightful blog with more details on how to enter! Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

My sister once told me that she sees cupcakes and thinks of me -- which is really strange, I know, but true! :) So now I see them as a sort of personal symbol, haha.

Glad to know it's National Cupcake Week and if I lived in the UK, I'd be all over this contest! The awesome cupcakes probably wouldn't fare too well going across the Atlantic :)

Anonymous said...

Oh cupcakes, how we love them so... mind you have you had the new M&S ones, a sugar overload and the the topping is too much. These ones sound delightful!

Dot said...

Meg- that's lovely, cupcakes always cheer me up but I think you're right about them not faring too well across the Atlantic!!

Simon- I haven't had the new M&S ones, I shall have to try one but I don't like them if they're too sweet either!

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