Secrets by Freya North

I was really excited when I heard that Freya North had a new book out and I finally got round to reading Secrets a couple of days ago. I really like the very pink front cover, it's completely different from Freya's other covers but I think it's better!
I love Freya North's books so I may be a little biased but I was completely absorbed from the very first page. Joe is our male protagonist, he has a beautiful house in Saltburn; a high flying career and nothing to tie him down. He advertises for a house sitter and along comes Tess who kind of takes the job before he has had the chance to offer it. So Joe lets Tess into his home without questioning where she has come from and why she has so little belongings or references. There is something about her that captivates him even when she is being infuriatingly sensitive and soon he begins to miss her more than the house when he has to go away.
As the title suggests, this book contains a lot of secrets which I don't want to give away in my review as it's not fair to spoil it for anyone. Freya North, once again has created beautiful characters whose lives she lets you into. I loved how we see the thoughts of both Joe and Tess about the same situation and as a reader you are willing them to realise what each other is thinking and feeling.
I think that Freya North has really explored the different types of secrets and the reason that we keep them from each other. Ultimately she shows how finding someone who you love and trust enough to share your secrets with is one of the greatest gifts that a relationship can offer. If you are a Freya North fan then you will probably not need any encouragement to read this but if not then go and take a look at her website, all her other books are just as good.


Amy said...

Nice review as always! The only North book I've ever read is Chloe but it is definitely one of my faves! I think she is a brilliant writer and I also own Sally, Cat, and Fen (says a lot for my tbr pile, lol). I'm not buying new books at the moment, but I will keep this book in the back of my mind for when the time comes!

Kim said...

Stop reviewing books Dot, you make them all sound so interesting. My books to look out for list is HUGE and here is another one that I want to read now. I came back on Thursday with a Lisa Jewell, a Katie Fforde and Markus Zusak - All Your Fault!

(Thank you my friend, I'm having a wonderful time :)

Nicole said...

Thanks for not giving away top much. I've never read anything by Freya North, but I am wondering what the story is with these characters.

Dot said...

Amy- Chloe was the first Freya North book I read and it's probably still my favourite. I think she always tells a good story!

Kim- Sounds like you had a very successful trip to the book shop! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Nicole- You should give her a try, I think she always creates really interesting and believable characters.

Freya North said...

Hey Dot
wow - what a lovely blog! Thanks so much for flagging up Secrets and I'm thrilled you enjoyed it.
I agree about the cover - I fought hard for a new look...and stamped my foot and had a sensitive-author-hissy-fit when the publishers wanted to lumber me with yet another take on the pastel, squiggly-writing, cartoony style! I feel justified in being opinionated because during the long four years between writing my first novel and (finally) having it published, I worked freelance as a picture-researcher choosing images for other authors' bookcovers! I really think one SHOULD judge a book by its cover (amongst other things) because the front and the back need to truly encapsulate the experience contained within the pages within. Think about it - when one finishes reading a book, the first thing one does is to look again at the cover...before re-reading the blurb on the back! Akin to re-reading film reviews AFTER one's seen a movie!
All of you - keep in touch - via my website and facebook. Thanks for the support, Dot. You're a star! Fx

Karen said...

I haven't read any of North's books before but I have always been tempted. Do you have one you would recommend I start with??

Dot said...

Freya North- Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I agree about the front cover and the blurb, they are where you get your first impressions from. Looking forward to your next one!

Dot said...

Karen- I have enjoyed each one but I would recommend Chloe as it is the first one that I read and I loved it. In some of the more recent books the characters all come together so it's best to read the early ones first so you can get to know them!

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