Sequins, Singing and lots of Glitz!!

I am a wee bit tired today as I did not climb into my duvet until 2am this morning! It was worth it though, I went to see Girls Aloud at the NIA in Birmingham last night and it was fantastic! The ladies did us proud, they put on a brilliant show, all the classics plus stuff from the new album. They had many surprises throughout the show and the they had the audience on their feet for the whole night! I will definitely be booking my tickets for their next tour! Mr S was pleased, due to the many pictures of Cherly that I took for him!


Kim said...

Sounds like you had fun, Dot. I had not heard of these ladies before you mentioned them and when I looked them up I realised just how very popular they are - Oh, the price we pay for living away from home!
Noticed your 'Currently Reading' book, can't wait to hear what you think of that.
BTW, My Cousin Rachel was fab, thank you for the recommendation.

Dot said...

Hi Kim,My Cousin Rachel is really good isn't it, glad you enjoyed it! Hope that you had a lovely weekend.

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