Take5 Tuesday!

Needed something to kick start my brain this morning so decided to do this little thing:

1. 5 things you've read recently
  • Wedding magazines
  • A Friend of the Family by Lisa Jewell
  • Lovely cards off my beautiful sister and best friend
  • Trashy Heat magazine
  • Guide to where to seat people at weddings so as not to offend anyone (was not helpful).
2. 5 sites you've signed up for
  • Glad that I have discovered Simon Savidge's blog- very good!
  • Signed up for the newsletter from Marian Keye's website- very excited to hear that she is working on a new book!
  • Have become addicted to this- fuels my trashy celebrity gossip reading addiction.
  • Loved this- some of these photos are very scary whilst others have clearly been photo-shopped
  • Also loving Nicole's blog over at Linus' Blanket- great new look too!
3. 5 TV shows you've watched lately
  • Watched The Great Sperm Race last night and I have a whole new respect for the little blighters- that is one HUGE journey they have to make. Jokes aside, it was a really well made programme; Mr S concurred in his medical student opinion!
  • Am heavily addicted to Gossip Girl, think that I am actually bit old to be watching this but it is so good, Chuck Bass is a true hero!
  • I watched the new Horne and Corden sketch show but was a little disappointed as I really like these two but there are only so many fat man jokes to be made.
  • Enjoyed The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency on Sunday night, still not a patch on the books but still good, cosy, Sunday night viewing.
  • Old episodes of Black Books- always cheers me up!
4. 5 things that you want right now

  • More sleep
  • More time to write
  • Winning lottery numbers
  • A cleaner
  • A newly decorated bathroom
5. 5 things on your grocery list
  • Kitchen roll- Alfie seems to have forgotten that he should go to the toilet in the garden and not the kitchen
  • Fruit- I am very good at putting it on the list every week and buying it- just need to work on the actually eating it bit.
  • Custard Creams- they are a regular on the list and also on my hips.
  • Fresh Beetroot- these are for Mr S, he eats them as a snack, he is trying to eat 5 fruit and veg a day and put me to shame.
  • Air Freshener- again for Alfie, think he is probably due a bath and a blow-dry!


Melody said...

Thanks for those links!

The site where it has all the creepy pics really spooked me!!

Savidge Reads said...

Thanks for putting my blog on that list was so, so, so very kind (and it was on my birthday - which wasnt bad though my birthday books blog isnt showing... a glitch) loved this list, I might steal it for the future lol!

Dot said...

Melody- It is a bit spooky isn't it, I love things like that!

Simon- You are more than welcome, hope you had a lovely Birthday!

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