The week so far!

This week seems to be going very fast compared to last week which felt like it was NEVER going to end! I finished The Abortionist's Daughter last night which I loved and will write properly about soon and now I have started Gone With the Wind which I have always wanted to read, I haven't even seen the film. I have only read the first few pages but I think I may need to Wikipedia the American Civil War as I know hardly anything about it although Mr S gave me a very good description and then I can start enjoying the story properly.
Alfie went for his first haircut this morning and came back looking very smart and now HE CAN SEE! Bless him, I really don't think he could see anything before as the fur round his face had gotten so long. Mr S and I were like anxious parents though waiting for him to come home, we were jumping up every time we thought that someone was at the door!
Tonight we are having a little birthday party, our friend Mark is coming over to visit and it is his actual birthday today, so the banners have been put up; our Sometimes Lodger has made his famous Rocky Road and Mr S is busy making a beef and Guinness stew! We have a slight problem in that there will be seven of us but we only have 4 chairs and one of those is on it's last legs- maybe we should have a little party game to see who gets to sit down to eat their dinner!

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