To believe or not to believe??

Hmmmmmm, my lovely sister and I went to see a spiritualist yesterday for a reading; I have only ever been to one before but I do quite strongly believe in them. Mr S thinks they are all evil tricksters! I think I go expecting too much though; no I don't expect them to give me the winning lottery numbers but I would like them to be a little more specific. At first I thought this lady was ok, she was spot on about how I was feeling at the moment and the kind of person that I am (Mr S would say gullible here), and she told me things about my parents that I still cannot work out how she would have known. She did the whole, 'You have two guardian angels, one sitting on each shoulder' thing, now some people might find that quite comforting but personally it just freaks me out, are they there all the time; do they look away when you are on the loo?? Anyway, I had my reading first and then I had to go and pick Mr S up and so my lovely sister went next and I didn't get to speak to her until later. She was of the opinion that this woman was really not very good, she had not picked up on the fact that we were sisters even though you can clearly see that and then she told my lovely sister completely different things about our parents then what she told me! So unless one of us was adopted or the milkman's then I think this lady probably was having us on! She also told me that I had THE GIFT and that I could do her job; at the time I laughed but now that we know she was a bit dodgy I am starting to consider it as a possible career move!

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