I am officially old!

I think that you have a moment in life where it hits you that you are no longer as young as you thought you were. I am not exactly ancient at the age of 26 but I realised this morning that drinking on a week night is no longer a good idea! Mr S, myself and our sometimes-lodger went to open-mike night at our local bar last night. This is every Thursday and always a really good night, I don't always go but felt like getting out of the house last night so off I went. Yes off I went and drank 3 pints (I know, I know not very lady-like) and talked to lots of people and even joined in with one open-mike session and was safely tucked in bed by 11.45 feeling fine. That was until my alarm woke me up this morning and since then I have felt as though a small man with a huge drum kit has climbed inside my head, not good, I have learnt my lesson.


Jo said...

I know, its not fair! Wha happened to being able to drink as much as you want and still get up for work with a smile?! Happy Birthday

Dot said...

I know- no more drinking for me on a work night!!

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