Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Right this is not going to be a lengthy review as it is too easy to give the plot away and that is not fair to those who have not finished it yet. I really wanted to like this book; as I have said before, Twilight really grabbed me and I have really enjoyed the others in the series, especially New Moon. However, Breaking Dawn just didn't quite do it for me. I loved the beginning part with Edward and Bella's wedding and honeymoon but to be honest it went downhill for me then. It wasn't that I didn't want a happy ending as I really do not have a problem with Meyer's conclusion to the saga. It is just that for me personally it all got a bit too ridiculous. I know that sounds strange as the whole Twilight world is pure fantasy but for me I felt that I could not believe in the final book. Everything was a bit too convenient; after all the questions and worries that Bella had about changing throughout the other books, it all seemed stupidly easy when it did happen.
I did enjoy the way that Meyer has split Breaking Dawn into three books, two of which are narrated from Bella's perspective and one from the perspective of Jacob Black. The plot moves as well as it did in the previous books and the characters are just as well developed. I have loved this series of books and the story of Bella and Edward will stay with me for a long time. Meyer has created brilliant characters and I know that I will read Twilight again in the future; I am glad that I know how the story ended but I do not think that I will be picking up Breaking Dawn again.

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