Mr S and I had a really productive weekend, we went Christmas shopping and it is the first time that I have enjoyed it for ages! I usually hate Christmas shopping but we didn't rush about like we usually end up doing, so we were able to have a good look and pick some lovely gifts for people. We also treated ourselves to two Lilyflame candles; my lovely sister introduced us to these and I think that they are some of the best that you can buy- you only need them on for a little while and the smell really fills the house. We bought one called Snowfall which I love and one called Sweet Dreams which we have never had before but it smells so lovely! Anway after having one of these on Mr S and I were talking about how important smell is and how comforting some smells can be to different people and it made me think about what my favourite smells are:

  • Roast Chicken- this has to be at the top of my list, the smell of it cooking in the oven just makes me think of lazy sundays spent at home just chilling out- probably in my pyjamas! It is a really homely smell- mmmmmm!

  • Blown out Birthday candles- this may just be me so I apologise if this seems a strange one! I don't know what it is but I love the smell of Birthday candles when they have just been blown out- you don't really get the same smell from anything else!

  • Real fire- I think when you go into a house or a restaurant etc and they have a real wood burning fire on the go, it is really welcoming! We have a real fire at home and Mr S' parents give us loads of logs from the fruit trees that they had to have chopped down in their garden- they give off a really lovely smell when they burn and it goes all through the house.

  • Coffee- I love the smell of coffee yet I rarely drink it- I am very much a tea person. It is such a rich smell though; I love going into Starbucks especially at this time of year for one of their Gingerbread lattes.

I could list so many more, most of them are embarrassingly food related. Christmas is one of those time of the year that has lots of nice smells related to it; the turkey cooking in the oven; the satsumas we put in stockings, the mince pies baking and the mulled wine filling our glasses!

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