Christmas Celebrations!

I had such a lovely evening last night, we had 4 of our friends (they are doing medicine with Mr S) over for a pre-christmas dinner! They are really lovely ladies who literally live over the wall in our back garden! Out of all the people who have become friends from Mr S' course they are the ones who have made me feel the most welcome and included! So we put the Christmas tunes on and lit the fire and had a little Christmas meal complete with crackers and it was really good, really put me in the mood for Christmas! They and Mr S are feeling a bit sad about Christmas this year as they won't get to celebrate much due to having a huge exam the week after so it was nice for everyone to relax a bit last night and take their minds off it!

I have been whizzing through re-reading Harry Potter- this is the one that I have enjoyed the most second time round. I think that I am probably reading it really quickly becuase as I mentioned earlier I have some new books that I want to read as well!

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