The Weekends go too quickly!!

I have had such a lovely weekend with Mr S and Alfie. On Saturday we went into town and had a lovely Italian breakfast at Carluccios, as long as you didn't look out of the window you could pretend to be on holiday! Then I dragged Mr S round the shops to spend some of my birthday vouchers! As the Winter has arrived Mr S said that he needed some vests to keep him warm so off we went to good old Marks and Spencers and it was shocking, £15 for vests! They say that they have a climate control function built in so they keep you cool but surely the whole point of a vest is to keep you warm, very strange! Anway he wore one yesterday and said they were very effective, good job for that price!

Yesterday we went back to Birmingham for Sunday lunch with Mr S' parents and we took Alfie with us and they absolutely loved him. We were a bit worried as they have only recently lost their family dog so we thought it might be a bit upsetting for them but they couldn't stop playing with him. Mr S' Dad is a very big man and doesn't usually like little dogs but he had Alfie on his lap to watch the TV, this made him look like a slightly camp Bond villain but Alfie wasn't complaining!

Talking of Bond, we went to see Quantum of Solace in the afternoon and I really enjoyed it; I don't think it was as good as Casino Royale but still excellent. Lots of action scenes and I really love how he has made it darker and more character based. I know that people say it should be more light hearted but I would rather watch this then a cheesy Roger Moore Bond any day!

Finished Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix on Friday night and I think that it was better the second time I read it. I think that Professor Umbridge is such a great creation of J.K. Rowling. She is such a good villian; her physical description alone is enough to make you dislike her but it is the vindictiveness that she shows that really made her into a villain for me. Rowling has created a character that I think really stirs the reader up as you become increasingly frustrated with this vile woman as she gains more and more power and influence.

Quite a busy week ahead, Alfie is going to have his final jab tonight so he will be able to go on walks later in the week so that should be very interesting; we need to find a collar small enough first of all!

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