Winter has arrived!

When did it suddenly become Winter, I am sitting here wearing four layers of clothes with a fire going and fingerless gloves on my hands. Mr S has just been in and informed me that I look like a tramp and then told me not to get any grand ideas about turning the central heating on. This is the problem; we live in a very old Victorian House and it is unbelievably cold but with prices how they are we definitely cannot afford to have the heating on all day. So unfortunately I have to go round looking like a homeless Michelin Man, good job that I work from home so it is only Mr S who has to see me in my 'work' attire! I'm not sure what I'm moaning about though as I do love the Winter and everything that comes with it, open fires, snuggly jumpers, hot chocolate, Christmas, mittens, winter food, ear muffs, ah the list is endless. I do love a good open fire, we are lucky enough to have one in our front room and I love spending the day in there replacing the logs as they burn out and reading a really good book, maybe Mr S and I will just have to spend the Winter living in the one room in front of the fire, drinking hot choclate!

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