Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I cannot believe how cold it has become! I think that yesterday was our first properly Wintry day and it got dark really quickly. I was working in the kithen yesterday and we have a massive bay window, I looked up at about 5pm and was really shocked that it was pitch black outside! Poor Mr S didn't finish medical school until 6pm so had to cycle home in the dark to then be met by a lecture from me about not having a light on his bike (It's only becuase I care!).

We were going to go out last night but we decided that it was just too cold and stayed in and watched Spooks and had Spaghetti Bolgonaise. We have my lovely sister and her husband coming for dinner tonight plus we have our part-time lodger with us this week so it shall be a full house- at least we can make use of the body warmth!

Alfie actually slept last night!! Mr S and I are not 100% sure what did it as we changed a few things. Firstly I put an old t-shirt in his bed that I had been wearing all day which is supposed to comfort them and then Mr S left the Frank Sinatra play list on repeat on the i pod. Anyway it was one or the other or a mixture of both so we shall be repeating the process this evening and hopefully get more than 4 hours of sleep again!

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